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Welcome to Lima, Ohio... 1956.
Poodle skirts, muscle cars, greasers and the original rock & roll. The Lima of 55 years ago is a much happier, safer place than present day. In fact, it looks perfect... on the exterior. When five McKinley high school students wake up in 1956, they suddenly have perfect lives with perfect families but there's just one problem. How do they get home?

The seemingly perfect world of 1956 has it's faults, however. There are no iPods, CDs or cell phones. Computers are only for science fiction double-features at the drive-in and television is in black and white. Racism is ever-present, as is homophobia. Can those from present day influence the lives and the mindsets of their new peers and change things for the future?

The times may be different but being a teenager never really changes. There are still hormones and parents and school to deal with. So sit back, tune in, drop out and join us in the Lima of 1956 and see just what happens next.

Most Wanted: Artie Abrams, BLAINE ANDERSON, Brittany Pierce, Noah Puckerman, Jesse St. James, Mike Chang, Lauren Zizes, Matt Rutherford

I am a horrible, horrible mod. This is almost a month late. Actually...we'll just say it's a month late. My only excuse is that I got so wrapped up in getting ready for the movie, 50+ hours work weeks, and getting ready for school. Oh, and a sucky internet connection. I know, I know. It's not a good one...anyway, here are the last two!

Day 29: The Wizarding Academy of Dramatic Arts
Day 30: Platform 9 3/4
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I am so sorry you guys. Between work drama and the holiday and my computer being just a piece of crap overall I somehow missed ten days of prompts. TEN! So, um...anyway, here they are. Prompts nineteen through twenty-eight. I'll have twenty-nine and thirty up this weekend. And sorry again. Hopefully my pretty Oliver Wood icon will make up for it?

19. Animagus
20. Skiving Snackboxes
21. The Durmstrang Institute
22. Dementor
23. The Imperius Curse
24. "Take my body back to my father." -Cedric Diggory
25. Wandlore
26. Resurrection Stone
27. The Tales of Beedle the Bard
28. Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions
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So sorry you guys, there have been really bad storms everyday where I live and there's been a ton of damage. So much, that my power's been off since Tuesday and it doesn't look like it'll be back on anytime soon, so I'm currently posting this from my friend's house. I didn't forget about this, though! I've just been really, really busy. And stressed. So I'm posting days fourteen through eighteen for you all.

Day fourteen: Pensieve
Day fifteen: Beauxbatons Academy of Magic
Day sixteen: Patronus
Day seventeen: Boggart
Day eighteen: Mirror of Erised
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Oh, hai. We're really great at updating if you haven't noticed (sorry, folks):

Day Nine: Daydream Charm

Day Ten: Felix Felicis Liquid luckkkk!

Day Eleven: Thestrals

Day Twelve: Howler

Day Thirteen: Portkey

And like we said before, even after the challenge is over, if anyone wants to use some of these words for a random prompt fill ever, feel more than free to post the work here!
We're posting tomorrow's word just because we'll both probably forget otherwise!

Day Six's Word: Room of Requirement
I don't know about you guys, but I can totally see why this room would be necessary in between classes for Kurt and Blaine. Just saying.

Day Seven's Word: Parseltongue
Kurt Hummel can totally talk to snakes.

Day Eight's Word: Amortentia
This is the epic love potion that would only make Niff happen faster. Mhm.
13 June 2011 @ 04:01 am
We really are terrible at this, aren't we? I choose to blame my wonky work schedule and computer. haha. So I'm posting today's with yesterday's before I go into work today just in case I come in and collapse from exhaustion after work. I hope the fact that both are really awesome prompts (in my opinion) is enough to excuse the lateness of yesterday's prompt.

Day four's word is Polyjuice Potion and day five's is Time-Turner.
11 June 2011 @ 02:55 pm
Sorry, guys! We were both busy/forgot to post yesterday's prompt!

Day Two:

The word is Obliviate.

Day Three:

The word is Quidditch and/or Quodpot, depending on where you want the setting to take place.

I don't know about you guys, but "obliviate" sounds like a really great prompt idea to me. Even if you're busy with other writings but want to go back and use these ideas after the challenge is over, that'd be awesome!
09 June 2011 @ 07:55 pm
So I decided to start this a little early. I figured that most of you guys wouldn't want to participate int he few days leading up to the movie and the day of because you'd be so busy (I know I will be, at least!). Also, talked to someone who works in the movie box office today and guess what I'm going to be buying tonight at midnight! That's right, tickets are going to be on sale here starting tonight at midnight. That just helped my decision along to start this challenge early, so here's the first of thirty for you. I'll try to post each word for you sometime between 6:00 and 9:00 EST each day, so make sure to watch for them.

Also, I will always make the word a link to HP Wikia (unless it's a quote) just in case there's a word that you're not familiar with, hopefully this will help. If you all ever have any other questions about the word that the wiki doesn't answer, just comment on the post with your question. I am a veritable source of Harry Potter knowledge. Just ask hengilas

Today's word is Veela.
07 June 2011 @ 05:05 pm
Poll #1750005 We could use everyone's input!
This poll is closed.

We will be beginning our first challenge very soon and we wanted to get everyone's input on what it should be. We would like for it to be HP themed for the upcoming Deathly Hallows part II movie, but understand that everyone may not be fans of the series or just may not want to write a HP AU.

Did someone say Harry Potter? I am all over this, I already have a zillion ideas!
Please, no Harry Potter. I don't like the series (or) don't want to write an AU using HP. Can you please come up with something else? (If this is your option, please comment with suggestions!)

If you chose a HP theme, please choose from one of the choices below for the way we do this thing-WARNING-if you choose exchange you may get some pretty specific prompts as there are a ton of HP fans in Glee fandom

Exchange with a post up by Friday at the latest and signups ending next week. Fics will be due by the week after DH comes out, so July 22nd.
30 day prompt post. We will begin to post words (creatures, candy, spells, places, etc.) or phrases daily and everyone can choose to write one everyday or just write their favorites. It's up to you!